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New Nox rackets collection 2022
New Nox rackets collection 2022

The padel rackets Nox 2022 has finally been presented, although we still do not know the aesthetics, this launch has become one of the most anticipated moments by fans of padel and the brand. For years, this brand has remained one of the favorites, especially due to its presence in professional padel. This collection comes with changes that are not really that significant, because they have decided to maintain the essence that made Nox rackets one of the best-selling rackets in 2021.

Here is a summary with all the news of this release.

Summary of the collection of padel rackets Nox 2022

Contenidos de la noticia

Agustín Tapia’s new racket

The big star of the collection is the new Nox AT10 Luxury Genius Arena 2022 by Agustín Tapia. A professional racket for those looking for the perfect balance between control and power. Its teardrop format balances its playability, and it joins with a structure that is composed of 100% carbon. Again we see the 12K carbon fiber on the faces and the highdensity HR3 core at its core, which allows a more powerful hit. In fact, the only change that this racket has had is in its design, which now features a new deep red color tone. In addition, the new Smartstrap lanyard has been incorporated that can be easily replaced without manipulating the grip of the racket.

The new versions of Agustín Tapia’s Genius

This 2022 collection features brand new weapons, which were created with fan requests and suggestions in mind. One of these releases is the new Nox AT Genius Attack 18. It is a version of the Tapia racket but now with a diamond format and an 18K carbon construction. This racket is great for those who enjoyed the features of the Tapia weapon, but still wanted a bit more power.

What will Agustín Tapia's new AT10 Genius look like?
What will Agustín Tapia’s new AT10 Genius look like?

Similarly, the Nox AT10 Genius 18K was born. This racket is very similar to the classic Agustín Tapia Genius Arena that we met last season. It shares all its materials and technologies, however now it has new 18K carbon fiber faces.

Finally, the new Nox AT10 Genius Hard racket has been presented. This Agustín Tapia racket has also been created under the same concepts as the other AT10s, however, it has the difference of having a Multilayered Black Eva core. This makes this version harder and stiffer.

The Miguel Lamperti racket collection

Miguel Lamperti is another player who is part of the Nox team. The rackets that have been made with his help are also some of the most famous in history. The Pro Cup series of rackets has been completely revamped. Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Series 2022 arrives to be once again one of the best-selling rackets of the year. But, this time, it is part of the Luxury range, which is the most professional of the brand. That is why it lands with more technologies and quality than its previous version. A weapon that is versatile, comfortable, powerful, and handy. Its round format and fiberglass faces make it have a more precise and controllable playability. In addition, it also presents the new Smartstrap cord for a better grip on the wrist.

This racket appears accompanied by three other versions, which share the same materials, but are different in their design. The Nox ML10 Pro Cup Silver 2022 is identical to the classic Pro Cup, but has a striking design in gray and silver colors. There is also a black version, for players looking for a weapon that looks more serious and elegant, we are talking about the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition 2022. Finally, there is a third version that also features a black design, however it has a different technical characteristics. We are talking about the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition Arena 2022. This racquet has a different finish for the faces, composed of a silica sand that improves the shots with effect.

Miguel Lamperti’s rackets from the Luxury series

In addition to the famous Pro Cup, there are other rackets that have been created in collaboration with Lamperti. These rackets were introduced for the first time in the 2021 season, but they appear again due to the great success they have obtained. The first one is the Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun 2022. It is an attack racket, for professional players who are aggressive.

Miguel Lamperti’s other racket is the Nox ML10 Luxury Bahia 2022. Unlike the Shotgun, this weapon focuses a bit more on control. It is a weapon that is a bit more manageable and precise, perfect for defensive play. However, it also features that same 100% carbon construction and is recommended for advanced and professional players.

The new official rackets of the World Padel Tour

One of the most anticipated series of rackets in the new Nox 2022 padel racket collection is the one inspired by the highest professional circuit. This release is made up of five rackets for different playing styles and levels. The Nox Nerbo World Padel Tour 2022 is a power racket, designed for professional attackers. This version features a new Multilayared Black Eva core that improves power and ball output. It has a diamond format and 18K carbon faces. In addition, it also features the new Smartstrap cord on the handle.

For its part, the Nox Tempo World Padel Tour 2022 is specialized in control. It also has a carbon construction and the new Multilayared Black Eva core. But, the big difference is that it has a round format with a centered and wider sweet spot. This highlights its qualities of control, maneuverability and precision.

Next, the Nox Attraction World Padel Tour Edition 2022 appears. It is a power racket, however it is aimed at advanced players. Unlike the other racquets, it has fiberglass faces, which makes the contact feel a little softer. Next to it appears the Nox Equation World Padel Tour Edition 2022, a racket that seeks a perfect balance between maneuverability and aggressiveness. However, it has fiberglass faces and a round format that make its control the most outstanding quality. With this racket, the Nox Equation Lady World Padel Tour Edition 2022 also arrives. This racket is aimed especially at women and has a slightly lower weight.

The new padel rackets Nox 2022 of the ”Atomic Twins”

The Sánchez Alayeto twins could not be left out of the launch. This female couple, who for many is one of the best in the world, is part of the Nox team and each of them has a special racket. The Nox MP10 Luxury 2022 is Mapi Sánchez Alayeto’s racket. It is a racket that stands out for its control, it has a round format. Although, its solid 100% carbon composition is striking, in the company of a high-density HR3 rubber core.

The other racket is the Nox MJ10 Luxury 2022, Majo Sánchez Alayeto’s official racket. Unlike the Mapi racket, this one looks for a more versatile and aggressive game. That is why it has a teardrop format, with a Multilayered Black Eva core of greater solidity and power for the blow. Both rackets have been created for professional level players.

The Casual Series for Beginning Gamers

As every year, Nox has also cared about the players in training, who have the goal of reaching the highest level. A series of rackets has been introduced that focuses on comfort, control and learning. The famous X-One series lands with three different versions, the classic Nox X-One, the Nox X-One Evo Black and the Nox X-One Evo Colors. All of them have a round format and specialize in the control game, in addition, they choose fiberglass instead of carbon to be more comfortable and manageable. The main difference between them is their design, each with its own image and essence.

Additionally, the 2022 edition of the Nox Silhouette has been presented. This racket also focuses on the control game of beginner players, but has a peculiar design in black and fuchsia colors. It is one of the favorite rackets of women and girls who are learning to play padel.


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