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Ale Galán shows off his new racket! Adidas Metalbone 3.1

Adidas Metalbone 2022
Adidas Metalbone 2022

The best news for power lovers is a reality. Ale Galán’s new racket has reached the market, with all the qualities with which it is known and a completely renewed image. You cannot miss a single detail of the Adidas Metalbone 3.1, a padel racket for power lovers, who are looking for the best quality for competition-level padel. The Padel Nuestro blog presents a complete analysis of the racket, with a detailed description of its materials and technologies.

Analysis of Ale Galán’s new racket

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Power racket for professionals

Before going into the details about the technical characteristics of the racket, it is important to discuss the recommended playing profile. Ale Galán’s new racket is a weapon of power. It was conceived to be in the hands of professional level players. The Metalbone 3.1 is within the highest range of the Adidas 2022 padel racket collection. One of the reasons why this racket is famous is because in addition to being powerful, it has a comfortable touch. That is what makes it different from the rackets in the Adipower series. The Adidas Metalbone has been one of the most chosen rackets for competitive padel.

The core of Ale Galán’s racket

We have created a special section to talk about the core of the racket. It is one of the most relevant components of the racket, as it plays a crucial role in playability. The Metalbone 3.1 features Eva Soft Performance, a rubber with a soft touch. This is somewhat different for a power racket, as they generally have a harder touch core. However, Adidas seeks to innovate with the creation of an attack racket, but one that has a comfortable touch. In fact, this rubber is the one that is present in control rackets of the collection such as the Adipower CTRL and Adipower Light.

Racket frame and faces

Now is the time to get into the technical characteristics of the racket. Starting with the frame, it is composed of a double carbon tubular, a piece that is most responsible for the durability and resistance of the racket. For its part, the faces are made of a very resistant carbon fiber, which has a more solid feel to favor power. However, all this hardness is well balanced with the soft core, so that the hit is more comfortable.

An important detail of the carbon chosen for the frame and faces is that it is an aluminized carbon. With this manufacturing process, it is possible to improve the quality of the material to be more resistant to wear and tear and more durable. In addition, it also influences the playability, as it improves the response level of the racket, the power and the ball output.


One of the reasons this racket is a season favorite is because of its technology. In the first place, the new technology of the 2020 Weight & Balance is repeated, which allows modifying the playability and balance of the racket through pieces that can be placed on the structure. The player will be able to increase the weight of their racket up to 12 grams. In the same way, we see again Octagonal Structure, a recently created technology that improves the power and resistance of the racket.

Additionally, old technologies have been incorporated that are loved by Adidas padel fans. We are talking about technologies like Spin Blade, the rough planes for spin shots.

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